Who Is Bill Farley?

Prestigious businessman who has positioned recognized brands worldwide, demonstrating that success not only consists of money but good faith and philanthropy.

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Know A Little About Our Founder

Bill Farley was born into a working-class family in the small town of Pawtucket, Rhode Island. As a child, he dared to dream big and won a full scholarship to study at Bowdoin College. There he was an athlete in three disciplines. After graduating from Bowdoin, he worked as a door-to-door encyclopedias salesman for Colliers Encyclopedia in California and subsequently enrolled in the faculty where he obtained his law degree from Boston College in 1969. He then moved to New York where he worked at the mergers and acquisitions division in NL Industries. Some time later Bill moved to Chicago, where he took a job in investment banking at Lehman Brothers.

In 1976, at the age of 33, Mr. Farley executed one of the first leveraged purchase transactions in history by acquiring a company called Anaheim Citrus. In this way and under his leadership, Anaheim Citrus doubled his income in just two short years. In rapid succession, Bill Farley began buying troubled companies and soon became a nationally recognized leader for leveraged purchase transactions. In 1987, Mr. Farley bought Fruit of the Loom for more than $ 500 million, and in 15 years as its President and CEO, he grew the company to become an international power of $ 2.5 billion. In 2008, in partnership with his friend Dr. Deepak Chopra and the world famous Chopra Center for Wellbeing, Bill Farley realized that his lifelong dream was to found a health and wellness company. Thus was born Zrii.

Throughout his professional career, Bill has been celebrated for his vision for business and leadership, in addition to his generous philanthropic activities. He has donated millions of dollars to educational and health organizations, as well as charities for children. He has received numerous awards and honors, including joining the Horatio Alger American Distinguished Association. He has also befriended professional athletes, world leaders, business icons and more. Nevertheless, Mr. Farley remains committed to his extraordinary success in helping people fulfill their dreams, a mission he is fulfilling every day through Zrii.

“Dream and behave as if limits on your abilities did not exist.”

– Bill Farley

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